Mooncake Foods
Mooncake Foods

“This establishment should be used as a blueprint for anyone interested in opening a restaurant. The attentiveness of their staff is first rate. The food is out of this world. ”

A New Kind of Asian Restaurant

Mooncake Foods is home-cooked Asian comfort food, as interpreted by a food lover who grew up influenced by the yummy foods of his Spanish Brooklyn neighborhood and the addictive cooking of his Chinese Mom.

In 2003, we set out to create a new kind of Asian restaurant. Mooncake Foods breaks all traditions - no woks, no unhealthy fryers, no processed meat entrees, and no heavy heart-clogging sauces. What you’ll find on our menu is innovatively grilled, steamed, or roasted plates, salads, and sandwiches.

We use premium quality natural ingredients, organic when possible, and always fresh every day. We work hard and make our dishes from scratch to ensure our quality. For example, we juice our own limes for the base of our sauces, roast our own bell peppers for our sandwiches, make our own chicken stock for our soups, and hand mix and roll every wonton and dumpling.

No short cuts. We believe it’s just better this way.

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